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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Scales??

So the scale that I have at home is the same type/brand scale that we weigh in on at our weekly weigh-ins for the weight loss challenge.
Every week right before my mom and I leave to get weighed in officially for the week. We weigh ourselves on my home scale.
The first week my scale matched the official scale exactly for both my mom and I.
The 4 weeks following, I weighed in one pound lighter at home and my mom weighed one pound heavier on my home scale. Weird I know.

Last Night was week 5 and right before we left I weighed in at home and I showed a 4 pound weight loss from the week before and my mom showed a 2 pound weight loss on my home scale. I was so excited that there would be a good chance I would be the biggest loser again. We arrive at the challenge to get our official weigh in. I step on the scale and it only shows a 1.6 pound loss! I am happy that I am still consistently losing a healthy amount of weight but was a little disappointed because I thought it would be higher according to my scale at home.
My Mom then steps on the scale and she shows a 1 pound weight gain! She was dissappointed because according to my scale at home she had lost two pounds this week.

I am just so confused at how it is just so sporadic week to week and yesterday we feel it was way off. My mom is sure she had lost some weight and I was sure I had lost more than just 1 pound.

Looking back at the last 5 weeks my scale shows a total weight loss of 14 pounds and the other scale shows an official weight loss of 11 pounds.
I know I shouldn’t worry myself about the pounds as I am consistently losing weight and my clothes are fitting so much looser. But I am bummed that it told my mom that she gained a pound this week, when we both know that she didn’t.

I am feeling so great! I am almost down 2 sizes from when I started. I desparately need to go shopping for a new bra which is kind of depressing to know that I am loosing so much weight in my bra area :( I feel stronger and healthier and am so motivated to just keep going until I reach my goal. My original goal was to be a size 10 because when I reach that size, Tony will buy me a new wardrobe. But since my body is changing so fast, why not try for a size 8? Anything lower than a size eight for me would be too skinny since I am 6 feet tall.
I honestly have not had any issues with feeling hungry or deprived and know this is something I can do for the rest of my life. I just can’t wait!!

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