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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Six Weeks and Zumba Obsessed

I am soooo excited!!
14 pounds total lost in 6 weeks!
My original goal when I first started the weight loss challenge 6 weeks ago was to lose 20 pounds in the 12 weeks. I also never thought I could even have a chance at winning the “biggest loser” at the end because I didn’t have as much to lose as a lot of the others in my class, but I have been one of the few who have consistantly lost weight every single week. At the end of the 12 week challenge the person who loses the most percentage of weight will win $400, 2nd place $200 and third place $100. I am not doing this for the money but I am a very competitive and determined person and seeing that I might even have a chance to win has motivated me even more to push through these next 6 weeks.

I guess I can say that I am obsessed with Zumba. I just have so much fun doing it and feel so good after I am done. On Saturday, a friend invited me to a morning Zumba Class. Even though I had plans to go to a Zumba Luau party later that night, I thought, why not do two classes in one day. I got through the first Zumba class (well almost through, Alyssa started crying for me at the Kids Club and I have to leave about 20 minutes early)
Then later that night Lindsey, Natalia and I went to a Zumba Luau Party expecting a 1 hour class followed by a 1 hour party, only to realize it was a 2 hour Zumba Class!!
So Saturday I did three hours of Zumba!
My co-worker has let me borrow her Zumba Fitness Game for the Wii which I have tried out and think it is just great! Maybe someone will get me my own game for my Birthday so I can give her hers back. (Tony: Hint, Hint).

Which reminds me, next weekend, July 2nd is my 26th birthday!! Its going to be tough to stay on track with my eating that weekend since both Tony and I have 4 days off for the Holiday weekend.
When I am at work, it is really easy for me to eat my small meals and snacks, but I find it harder on the weekends because I am always out doing something and have to find food while I am out and about.

Thank you to everyone who is following me in this Journey and especially to my mommy who is doing this with me. I am so proud of her, she has been doing so great !! She started Zumba with me and is loosing lots of weight herself. Having her there to support and to do this with has helped me stay focused and continue with the program.

Thank you,


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  1. You go girl! And you should ask lindsey about the game....I already know what I'm getting you (a big fat nothing) ;)